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User Experience (UX) Design plays a big role in how I create my websites. When a person first interacts with your website you only have seconds to gain their trust. After building a user's trust, the goal is to flow the user towards a conversion. My thought-out, time-tested, ever-changing strategies will help you get maximum ROI.

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Web Development

Custom Websites

I specialize in creating high-end custom websites that are fully flexible and adaptable. My websites are primarily made using WordPress combined with creating a custom theme. As an experienced programmer using WordPress I am able to create websites fast that also have full flexibility to make custom code wherever I need it. Additionally, there are an infinite number of resources and plugins that can save hours of time, and provide valuable support to building high quality websites at a fast speed. There’s a reason WordPress is the World’s #1 CMS (35% of websites).

Combined with WordPress I use one of the most well-known custom fields plugins; “Advanced Custom Fields.” This plugin is a game-changer and allows for me to connect every part of the website to an editable variable. This saves a developer time to make edits, and more importantly enables a client to make their own edits.

Lastly, I also have Bootstrap built into my custom WordPress theme. Using frameworks like this save time, and help to adhere to web standards. “The world’s most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.”-getbootstrap.com

I strive to live by the idea that I can create any website exactly to it’s design. If you’ve seen it on a website, I can most likely replicate it within my environment.

Work samples coming soon … Until then, for examples of my work, you can click on the links in my resume.

Logo Design

The Story Behind the Logo

I wanted to create a logo that included my initials M.P and also be web related.  After looking at different icons and images that were web related, I noticed an opportunity to combine my initials into the universal coding symbol < / >. From there I created a handful of concepts and bounced some ideas around to a couple peers and the best concept ended up being the M turned on it’s side. From there, more concepts were created determining the angles, adding symmetry and changing the focal point and shading. This icon was created in Adobe Illustrator, and has flexibly to be used in multiple colors, on multiple backgrounds. With the bottom part of the logo being a 40% opaque of the same color, it has a lot of flexibility. There are other branding opportunities to use the M vertically as well, because the symmetry is perfectly centered and angled.

Web Developer Code MP Logo BlueM Logo Design Blue Red