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If you're interested in getting free organic traffic to your website on a daily basis you've come to the place. I have over 10 years of Search Engine Optimization experience, as well as attending and learning from SEO conferences; Search Marketing Expo (SMX East) & Pubcon!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO that Drives Conversions

Just because your website is getting a high amount of organic traffic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the correct kind of traffic, or sending them to the correct pages. There are three main types of searches; transactional, informational, and branded. It’s important to understand searchers intent, and to solve their problem or help them accomplish their goal.

If we know a certain keyword phrase is transactional and they are looking to buy a product, then it would be beneficial to send the user straight to the product page.  If they are trying to find out information about something we probably want to send them to an informational page. But what if it’s information about a product?  This could vary depending on the quality of information on your product page and what exactly was searched. However, there are still ways to funnel the user from an informational page to then converting on a product page. It can be an opportunity to build user trust and maybe after reading your informational blog post or article, you actually helped sell your product or service.  Combined with strategic placements of forms, and internal links to your targeted page, you can still convert, even at a higher rate!

Your traffic may not be staying long enough to convert!

But with that said, time spent on a webpage does always correlate with more conversions. Wait, what? This is because a user’s visit may actually be shorter while converting than a user who doesn’t convert at all.  Your website could have great information, but an unclear funnel.

Have you ever clicked on a Google search result and then hit the back button (pogo-sticked)?

This could be for number of reasons, many of which are related to SEO;

  • Your Website is Too Slow (53% of mobile users abondoned sites that don’t load within 3 seconds)
  • Poor User Experience / Not Trustworthy
  • Failing to Understand Searcher Intent = Searcher Discontent

If you have no chance to rank, you need to change your targeted keyword phrases.

It’s important to find the perfect balance of Search Volume & Fair Competition. If you have a huge web presence already, then fair competition might be different for someone who has a brand new website. Understanding how effective a website can compete for a search term will help to avoid wasting countless hours on a hopeless SEO campaign. Keep in mind that with consistent content production your website will get stronger over time. If the competition is out of your league now, but you have 1-2 years to build up an online presence, maybe that keyword phrase will be attainable after all.